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Minibar Blues?

Minibar Blues?

Perhaps you know the feeling, you are alone on a (business) trip. The hotel bar is dreary. There are some people sitting alone, some couples, a sad tune sounds, the barman is lost. You decide to go to your room and have another drink from the minibar there. Do you know him the Minibar Blues? 

In the castle is where life bustles on after a beautiful, full, hot summer. Holidaymakers passing through, holidaymakers for a weekend and also many herons who used our castle as 'basecamp' to discover Luxembourg in several days. They filled our castle with joy. 

Working life is back in full swing. In the library, our regular Belgian guest is on his last conference call of the day. He is there every week and by now has his own key. 

In the kitchen, a Swiss man is stirring in his pans while whistling lustily. He is here for four days. A job a few villages away. The castle smells of an Italian dish. 

A French lady sits at the kitchen bar. She is a wine representative and has an appointment in the area tomorrow. We get talking and discover that 'her' wines are already in our cellar. She promises to come back for an evening of wine tasting together. 

The door opens, our last guest steps over the threshold. She looks a little nervous. She has booked our most romantic room, Peggy's Belle Époque. A date with her new girlfriend. I help her put the roses in a vase and bring a bowl of candles. The champagne cold. The glasses ready. One last check in the mirror, there she is. She takes her to her room, the door locked, a soft giggle. 

Our little castle is almost bursting its thick walls of gaiety, conviviality, love, romance & more....

Imagine all the people (John Lennon)

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Published 14-10-2022 / Copyright © Château de Clémency