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Lunch in Luxembourg

Lunch in Luxembourg

My lunch in the Netherlands? 

With an early-in-the-morning self-breaded sandwich behind the wheel or the laptop. That was usually my lunch. IF I even allowed myself time for that at all. It often happened that I got home late in the evening, without lunch and my dinner consisted of pink cakes (a guilty pleasure by the way, I haven't found them here yet🤔). 

While most of you know how much I love food. Good food. I can cry with happiness over a plate of good food. It can touch me deeply. 

And here...? Here, you can't enter a restaurant without a reservation. Even for lunch, everything is full. Every table occupied. And little cheese sandwiches are usually served (also something I quite miss: our real 'boeren belegen'. Also not found yet 😩 ). Here you eat a menu du jour at lunchtime. Usually a 3-course menu. 

And Pascal is teaching me to grab those lunch moments. Just set aside 2 hours at midday for a good lunch. 

Today I discovered another gem around the corner from the castle. Aal schoul. An old school converted into a restaurant. The owner talks passionately about his regional dishes. I usually skip the wine with lunch. Today I let myself be tempted by a nice glass of red🍷. And well, you know what... I'll just let my weekend start now. Monday again all attention to my laptop. Now inhale nature.  

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Published 25-11-2022 / Copyright © Château de Clémency