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A party back in the day.... Belle Époque

A party back in the day.... Belle Époque

It was a sunny Saturday in May that my group of friends from the Netherlands descended on our castle. Asked Gijs to open the weekend with a story. Theme Belle Epoque. On Sunday, we would go back to this era entirely in style. It started like this....

It was a cold winter evening in the majestic castle of Mark vG a wealthy baron from the belle epoque period. The entire estate was lit up with twinkling lanterns, which mesmerised the snowflakes swirling from the sky. It was an evening of intrigue, where secrets whispered in the shadows and hearts were seduced in the ballroom.

In the grandiose ballroom, guests had gathered, dressed in their most elegant evening attire. Frederieke, Mark's beautiful daughter, was dancing with the mysterious and charming Kashi. Hanneke, a young pianist, played her fingers over the ivory keys of the grand piano, her music filling the air with an enchanting melody.

As the evening progressed, the guests' secret desires revealed themselves. Ada, a seductive courtesan, whispered words of love in the ear of Suus, an experienced countess with a mischievous smile. Dorien, Mark's sister, dreamed away as she listened to the whisper of the wind through the castle walls.

Suddenly, everyone's attention was caught by an unexpected guest. Jasmien, a mysterious young woman dressed in an enchanting red dress, entered the room. She exuded a magnetic appeal that captivated everyone. Her eyes, dark as night, seemed to penetrate the deepest secrets of the guests.

While the party was in full swing, Marc dB, a cunning schemer, discovered a hidden door in the castle walls. With his faithful companion Flip, he snuck through the narrow corridors and discovered a mysterious room. Daan, an ambitious young lady who wanted to know all about Mark's fortune, quietly followed them.

In the mysterious room, they found Elfried, an eccentric fortune-teller who whispered secrets in the darkness. He predicted that a treasure was hidden in the castle, a treasure that would change the lives of those present forever. But before he could complete his prediction, he was disturbed by Gijs, Mark's gruff-looking butler.

As the evening drew to a close, everyone returned to the ballroom, unaware of the secrets that had played out in the shadows. Castle Lady Mayke, a woman with a smile full of mystery, watched from her throne, enjoying the intrigue that unfolded.

Wondering how it continues? Welcome, we'd love to tell you...

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Published 29-05-2023 / Copyright © Château de Clémency