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Discover Luxembourg

Discover Luxembourg

Let’s explore Luxembourg

The castle is located in the middle of the Luxembourgish countryside. It is the ideal “Base Camp” for your excursions into nature as well as your visits to Luxembourg city and Esch-sur-Alzette (both at a 20 minute distance).

Daily shoppings:

Boulangerie Brisbois Clemency

Bread, cakes, croissants, meet, fruit, vegetables, some drinks and basic kitchen-stuff

Open Monday till Friday from 6.00-20.00

Saturday 6.00 - 18.00

Sunday Closed

50 meter

Boucherie Kirsch

Open Monday till Saturday 09.00-18.30


Cactus Bascharage

Big very good assorted supermarket food and non-food

Open all day from 08.00-20.00 | Sunday 08.00-13.00

5 km

Aldi Bascharage

Much cheaper than the Cactus

Open all day

5 km

Lidl Aubange Belgique

Big assortiment food

Open Monday till Saturday 08.30-20.00 Closed on sunday

6 km

Food delivery/ take away

My Brunch

Verse maaltijden afhalen

3 Rue Gustave Loosé, 8346 Garnich

Cereal lovers in Luxembourg town for nice breakfast

All kinds of food. Give them our address and the take away in the area will help you.

Our address is: Rue de l’Eglise 18, L-4965 Clemency


Close to the castle

Walk to Rue lEglise. Go the the right. Walk 1 km, pass the busstation, follow at your right hand the signs: Etangs and S.I.D.E.RO. follow the road, go left. Have a nice walk and lunch at Um Kënzger Weier for ‘un plat du jour’ or eat à la carte

This is also a fishing spot

Go by car in the direction of Bascharage (left hand at Rue l’Eglise), follow the road for +/- 2 km. On your left hand is a parking spot. Walk and have fun.

Castle and Garden

Grand Château d’Ansemborg

It’s a private castle, but very welcome to have a walk in the beautiful garde. Open from 10-18.30.

Public Transport

All the public transport is for free

App: mobilitéts Zentral

Bus to Town

Busstop 50 meter from the castle

51 minutes | 2 stops

Bus 240 | 39 min | 30 stops -> Kirchberg 

Bus 12 | 3 min | 2 stops -> Luxemburg centre Mongtery

54 minuts | 2 stops

Bus 15 | 11 min | 7 stops -> Hautcharage, Um Kläppchen

Bus 215 | 31 min | 26 stops -> 


Pétange, free parking, 10 minuts


Webtaxi +352 27515

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Published 14-03-2022 / Copyright © Château de Clémency