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Presents with a memory

Presents with a memory

A phone call from the Netherlands. Whether we can arrange a room for his brother's 65 birthday. He would like to give him a weekend away. I promise to create a nice card of our castle and give him a warm welcome. The birthday gentleman arrives, full of stories about life. He fully lives the weekend with us. He is out the door early every day. Wants to make the most of the day and returns in the evening with a big grin and new memories. 

His last evening a gentle knock on my door. He brings me a delicious la Couque de Dinant, a cake with a story about times long gone. Full of energy, he leaves the next day. 

A love couple checks in. He would like to see my wine cellar. He says he doesn't know anything about wine, but buys wine with a memory. I don't know anything about wine either. Our cellar is only full of wines with a memory. 

He tells me he bought fois gras. I have a very nice wine with that: Gewürztraminer, bought on a roadtrip to Italy. He buys 6 different bottles with my memories. 

The day after, a can of fois gras on my doorstep. 

Gifts full of memories. The memory as a treasured gift. 

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Published 25-10-2022 / Copyright © Château de Clémency