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Dreams of travel and castles

Dreams of travel and castles

As a little girl, who didn't dream of living in a castle and being a real princess?

I certainly did. As a child in my pink dresses, I imagined myself in real-life fairy tales with knights, princesses and castles. 

Later, I mostly dreamed of travelling to unknown destinations.  

How my fairy tale came true is now well known. During one of my travels, I fell in love with 'Prince Luxembourg 🇱🇺'

What a diverse country. 

Often I hear people say: Luxembourg is nice for a weekend or a few days. But I can tell you that after 2 years, I am far from being out-discovered. 

Luxembourg has an inspiring magazine. Luci. What an honour to read my story back in it. 

Thank visit Luxembourg, thank Birgit for the fun day and your beautiful reportage, thank Hana Sofia for the beautiful meeting with you. 

Dreams of travel and castles. Will you dream with me, or will we travel together? Discovering the beauty of Luxembourg. 


You will find this beautiful magazine in our castle. And, of course, we will lovingly send you a copy

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Published 22-01-2024 / Copyright © Château de Clémency