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Many of our guests say they feel so at home in our castle. 

That is our concept. Make our castle your 'home' for a few days. 

I will welcome you. Explain to you where to find what and for the rest... make it your own place. 

And that concept sometimes raises eyebrows. How do you not serve breakfast? Why not a restaurant? We explain this to our guests in advance. Recently, a lady who insisted on a breakfast buffet anyway. Feel free to book somewhere else. 

Opposite our castle is that 'buffet'. Brisbois bakery has a wide range of sandwiches, croissants, the most fantastic cakes, sandwiches and much more. In our kitchen, each room has its own fridge. You can 'eat' as you would at home. 

So nice to see how 'at home' people can feel here. 

One stands by the coffee machine in her pyjamas. Another stands with his own apron for cooking. Guests walk through our castle on slippers, taking a bottle of wine to their room. Another opens one at the kitchen bar to share with another guest. 

A Dutch couple is in our castle for a week. They cook every day in the castle kitchen. Candle light, wine served. 

On the last evening, they invite me over. And I sit at our kitchen bar while they cook. For this evening, I am their guest. In my home. 

The day after, we say goodbye. A small tear. "I'm going to miss this home" she says. 

I miss you too. Being guests in each other's home for a week. 

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Published 04-11-2022 / Copyright © Château de Clémency