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Minett Trail

Minett Trail

The Minett Trail is a 90-long hike through the country of the Red Rocks in southern Luxembourg. The trail starts, among others, in Clémency at the old station restaurant Op der Gare (now a brasserie) and can be completed in several stages.

Along the way, you can stay overnight to recharge for the next stage.

Ever dreamed of spending the night in a fairy-tale castle? How about sleeping in a former primary schools building? In a "Floater" or in a sleeping compartment of a train? Doesn't that sound very glamorous? The "Kabaisercher" of the Minett Trail are a real highlight of the region. Combining a rich and varied past with modern materials, design and technology, these hiking huts accommodate you in style and comfort (advance booking required)

In October 2020, the Minett region was recognised by UNESCO as a biosphere reserve.

All 11 different "Kabaisercher" were chosen for their historical connection and location, closely linked to the Minett Trail. 

The hike is very well marked along the way.

Personally, I love to get lost. And just not to follow the signs and the marked paths and take each new turn full of wonder and be absorbed in the adventure.

Will you get lost with me?

Minett Trail

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Published 16-03-2023 / Copyright © Château de Clémency