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Very special visit in Luxembourg

Very special visit in Luxembourg

It is Friday afternoon when 3 happy girls step into our castle. A birthday present for the 30-year-old. And not just any thirtysomething. A beautiful woman I had the pleasure of meeting and even living with as a 13-year-old girl for a few years. She is forever in my heart. And now she is here. Now a mother of 2 super beautiful children herself. 

Whether I wanted to cook Indonesian meals with her and her friends. That's what we used to do, cook together. Together with her dear sister. By now also a beautiful woman. 

In Tailor's Trail, a family has been 'moved in' for a few weeks now, waiting for their home to be finished. Two nice parents with 3 cool kids. The eldest son of 14 has a great passion for cooking and likes to join in. So on Saturdays, the five of us are in the castle kitchen preparing the most amazing dishes. Music on, cake on the table. The ingredients laid out. There are no fewer than 11 dishes to prepare. 

One by one, the other guests trickle in. Of course, they are all welcome to join us. 

And so, just like that, on a Saturday evening, we sit at a table full of fragrant and colourful dishes and all happy people getting to know each other today. 

How nice to make new memories from the past. 

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Published 04-11-2022 / Copyright © Château de Clémency