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Keeping Up Appearances

Keeping Up Appearances

 Our castle, 400 years old, exudes the atmosphere of the past. Equipped with today's conveniences but without a lift. 

Susan booked our Roaring '20s suite. Back to the golden travel period of the last century. I get a call in a distinctly British accent that they have arrived. At the door is a gorgeous couple. He 85, she 80. Met each other 10 years ago on a dating site. I offer to help with the luggage and worry a little about our stairs in combination with our new guests. Every step is worn out. 400 years of footsteps. 400 years of stories. 

Of course, this English Gentleman does not want to be helped by a lady. The three of us climb the stairs. She meanwhile bursts out laughing "he is from the roaring '30s. I'm from the roaring '40s. I think I will keep him"

They are on their way back to England from cousin's wedding in Poland and will explore Luxembourg in a few days. Adventurers. In the middle of life. She gifted him a 3-month trip around the world for his 80th birthday. 

They sleep a hole in the day "this bed is tooooo goooood" she shouts in the kitchen every morning, he chugs after it and wishes all the other guests "a good morning, or maybe it's already afternoon. I slept so well." 

The last day she sighs "Omg, he has a cough. And you know how men are... He almost dies" then she urges him to peel the kiwis for her yogurt. The chemistry between these two is overwhelming. I found myself in the middle of a scene from Keeping Up Appearances. Our little castle shakes under their delightful laughter. 

They don't let the persistent rain knock them out. The steps are proudly taken every day and they thoroughly enjoy themselves. In the evening, they drink wine with the other guests until late. 

At the same time, I hear a beep on my phone. says there is a new review. A 3!?

(3:10😢😢) ouch.

-Young couple: "bed not nice and there was no lift"-

It's just how you look at life. Don't keep up the appearance🙃

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Published 14-10-2022 / Copyright © Château de Clémency