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Stories from the 'roaring 20' today

Stories from the 'roaring 20' today

It is Monday afternoon when Pascal and I are in a chat at a municipality about taking over three possible new gites. My phone beeps a new booking. With a slanted eye, I glance at the message. A last-minute booking for today. And the guest indicates he will be at the door in 10 minutes.

Normally, we are there ourselves to welcome guests to the castle. We give them a tour and tell them the stories behind each room. And just in case.... we have a key box.

I explain to the guest over the phone how to get in.

1.5 hours later, I arrive at the castle. It smells like a special dish in the kitchen. Two young guests stand shinning behind our kitchen bar. Colleagues who have to be nearby for a job.

The dish made by mothers comes out of the oven and I have to join them. 

They enthusiastically tell me how cool they think their room is. They are in our roaring '20s. 

The roaring (flashy) or fabulous (amazing) twenties were characterised by lightning-fast developments as a result of increasing prosperity. These phenomena manifested themselves both materially (e.g. the car as a mass product) and morally (such as greater sexual freedom).

This room is about those golden (travel) years of the last century. History was made, which are our stories today. These guests created their own stories using the original props from the roaring '20s in their room. 

Who do you make your (travel) stories with?

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Published 29-11-2022 / Copyright © Château de Clémency