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Language? You won't fool me

Language? You won't fool me

Moving to another country is 1. But continuously talking in another language is 2. 

In my last school report, just about every subject says: due to Mayke's great absence, we cannot assess her level. I get it. I was busy surviving. And survival is my most important life lesson. No French, maths or biology can compete with that. 

During all my travels, I increased my English vocabulary a bit but mostly learned that kindness and love is the most beautiful language. 

Now I get to welcome people from all over the world. I speak a little English, German, Dutch, a few words Spanish and French and sometimes everything mixed together. And always with a smile. In the end, everyone understands. 

Except the French. Oh dear. Tricky. Who refuse any other language. Even often that of the smile. 

And how silly can you get. A French lady writes a review. She was impressed by the unusual architecture of our castle. 'But it was still really ridiculous that the host (i.e. me) does not speak French, when Luxembourg is so close to the French border.' 


I am sitting in our local restaurant on Sunday for lunch. Next to my table sits a family. They are celebrating grandma's birthday. Two grandsons about five years old I see looking at me a little skittishly from time to time. I smile at them. That was the cue to come my way. The one little guy comes leaning against me and has whole stories in French. I don't know what he is telling me, but I understand him. And he understands, that I understand him. His little brother joins him and before I know it, these two boys are sitting on my lap. He gives one last hug and then goes to grandma to eat cake. 

And because I naturally want to communicate with French ladies too, I practise for an hour every day. Pretty fun. You won't fool me;-)

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Published 05-01-2023 / Copyright © Château de Clémency