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The holiday fun starts when you pack your suitcase

The holiday fun starts when you pack your suitcase

I used to, read: until recently, pride myself on being able to pack my suitcase in 10 minutes when I travelled. Fast forward from work to the baggage carousel. Blown out in the plane seat. And arriving at the destination with a slightly undefined feeling, because totally unprepared. Taking a breath and going on an adventure.

Now I am proud to take all day to put my luggage together. Taking the time and, above all, celebrating this moment. Because isn't it a celebration when you decide to go on a trip, heading to new places, or perhaps to already familiar places, away from everyday life for a while? Immerse yourself in another culture, other customs, get lost and find. Now I know: just packing my luggage is a journey, where am I going, which clothes fit there, what do I need there, which book goes in the suitcase, my travel diary and nice pen always come along. Lovely pictures already wander through my mind, a smile completes the feeling.

And when travelling by car, my question was: how do I get from place A to B as quickly as possible? Fill up and pee only when it was really necessary, sandwich behind the wheel and move on. Now I am learning that as soon as I get into the car, the journey has begun. That it is wonderful to enjoy the road above all. Of a nice village, a surprising restaurant for an extensive lunch, an unexpectedly cosy square with a terrace. Just turning off somewhere. That is travelling.

And I also learn that when I arrive at the destination, it is wonderful to make a ritual of 'furnishing' the new place with my own things. Unpacking the suitcase and hanging up my dresses. To land in the new now.

When does your journey begin? What's going with you in your suitcase? Where will you get surprised?

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Published 26-02-2023 / Copyright © Château de Clémency