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 The Barn

New New New since 1 april 2023 The Barn

'Den Schapp' is Luxembourg's synonym for a solid 'shabby' building that was used to store wood, garden tools and more.

The Barn is built behind a remaining castle wall from 1635 (in the interior, you can still find the original door frame from this era today). 

Hidden behind this wall, a heartwarming space awaits you. 

When restoring, we respected the simple & poor way by using pre-existing materials from the past combined with a contemporary approach. You can see this in the roof where the black concrete has the 'imprint' of the former roof panels. The old walls have been restored by an authentic chalk lime in a rustic finish.

The architectural and artistic concept gives you the authentic feeling of what life was like in the early 17th century: living within large, heavy walls, heated by a fireplace & lit by candles. This rustic composition is complemented by a new modern 'wall' of translucent polycarbonate and a double-insulated class door (these materials were a leftover from another project). 

This composition is inspired by Shiguru Ban's 'simple' constructions. The floor is done in raw concrete, pigmented with the red earth of the region. 

The atmosphere in this living-lounge space generates a very special & atypical vibe, perfect for 'unwinding' and reconnecting with the elements and yourself. 

To access the garden, you have to cross the water basin that collects rainwater. In this basin, you will find a composition of 'mirror' sculptures that beautifully reflect the sunlight. 

The garden is a modern labyrinth with many cosy corners for retreating alone or sharing stories and wine at the large table on the wooden decking. 

Of course, there is also space to light the bbq or read a book under the grape vines.....

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Published 29-03-2023 / Copyright © Château de Clémency