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Geocaching in Luxembourg

Geocaching in Luxembourg

Our guests come to Luxembourg for many reasons. For hiking, cycling, passing through, business, romantic weekend getaways, photo shoots, city visits and much more. But Luxembourg is also very attractive for geocachers. We had the great pleasure of meeting two avid geochachers at both Château de Clémency and Tailors Trail. Henrike wrote this fun blog about this adventurous game.

Geocaching is a game and leisure activity that involves using a GPS receiver or phone with this function to find a so-called cache (hiding place) somewhere in the world. You can find geocaches in your area via You can participate for free or for a fee.

We are now geocaching for the tenth year and it always takes us to special places, places where we would probably never have ended up otherwise. This is also the case in Luxembourg!

I looked it up: in Luxembourg there are about 4000 geocaches, ranging from very easy to very challenging. The very challenging ones, for example, are climbing caches that require the right means, fitness and guidance. We usually ignore those, but we do try most of the other geocaches. For instance, some of them require you to bring a real fishing rod, as the geocaches hang high in the trees. It is already a challenge to find them, and then it has to go down, and after leaving your geocache log it may go up again. On a day when we are angling geocaches, we don't make that many kilometres. Staring into the trees to see where the geocache is is quite time-consuming.

We also like to hike and if the geocaches are a bit further apart, that's no problem. Luxembourg offers beautiful multi-caches (longer walks where you collect information along the way to determine the location of the geocache). At Berdorf, for example, there are very nice geocache routes/hikes where you have to walk through caves or gorges to gather the right information. You get to beautiful places, with streams, waterfalls and on the way you can always take a break somewhere at a bench or picnic table and eat your self-brought lunch.

We also enjoy meeting local geocachers. During our preparations for (mini) holidays, we often try to find a suitable location for a Geocaching event. That way, we come into contact with local geocachers and other travelling geocachers and sometimes get some tips or help with puzzles. That can be quite handy!

Both near Chateau de Clémency and the Tailors Trail there are geocaches. To know exactly where, you can solve a jigsaw puzzle after which information is given about the location of the geocache. If you have good geocaching instincts, you could also leave it to chance....

In short: geocaching in Luxembourg is fun to do and takes you to beautiful places. Enjoy it!

Best wishes, Henrike and Arvid (69and71)

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Published 25-04-2023 / Copyright © Château de Clémency