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Report marks versus happy motor gasten🏍️

Report marks versus happy motor gasten🏍️

Back in school, I would have been super happy with a 7.5. Now it gives me a bit of a stomach ache and wrings me out all day (sensitive type 🫣)

The beeping phone reports a new review. On all points we score a 10🎉 except the location, which gets a 7.5. Au🥲. 

It happens to us more often. Yes it is true that Clémency has no romantic town centre, or wild nightlife square, no shopping centre with nice boutiques, no tourist attraction, no big cathedral, no swimming pool or ice rink. 

What it does have? A castle from 1634 🏰. Our castle. The perfect base camp for exploring Luxembourg 🇱🇺. So much beauty. Too much to choose. 

Our castle is in a small village surrounded by meadows and forest. The extraordinary Minettrail starts in front of the door. You can cycle endlessly. We have 4 restaurants and a Portuguese pub. 

And why go out the door? There is so much to see, discover or just immerse yourself in the fine energy of our castle with us. 

Yesterday, I welcomed a group of young guys. They are doing a motorbike tour. 4 motorbikes roar around the castle. 

I gently advise them still that the bus stops in front of the castle and they can be in town in 35 minutes (20 min by car) (for free). A city full of fun pubs, hip restaurants, lots of history and tasty beers. 

Why? They ask. What a cool place this is. The four of them pull up to our Barn. Wine 🍷 with them and they enjoy themselves all around happily. They share a glass with me. The pickup goes on, record of De Dijk (my favourite, how do they know?).

And I decide to go on an adventure in Clémency. I take a stroll down an unfamiliar street and actually come across another restaurant I didn't know existed. Magical place, hidden in nature. Total silence. They serve the snack of the day there. I drink a local beer and have a nice conversation with the owner in my best German. 

Back at the castle, I meet our guest, who is on his way to his fridge in our shared kitchen (each room has its own fridge).

The fridge I'm sure fills with drinks and works on the basis of 'honesty'. 

A fridge that you also get to fill with your own drinks. 

He looks at me happily and gives me his biggest smile of all: "I am sooo happy here".

Me too. Again, it's just how you look at a 7.5.

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Published 24-06-2023 / Copyright © Château de Clémency