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My most happiest weekend ever.

My most happiest weekend ever.

It is no secret that I never wanted to bring children into this world myself. But how much I can enjoy other people's. 

We have a new care-taker at the castle. Preparing the castle for new guests is more than a 'cleaning job'. 

It is giving love, care and attention to all the elements. So that our guests arrive in a 'warm bath'. 

This lady does not speak English. French or her mother tongue, Serbian. 

Neither of which I am fluent in. She has brought her beautiful little girl with her. Somewhat shyly, she crawls away behind her mother. Until the moment she and I get to work together. We sweep up the leaves, fill the dishwasher, make sure the cups and saucers are tidy, remove cobwebs. 

Thunderously she chatters in English. Learned from YouTube videos. 

And she effortlessly translates the conversations between her mother and me so that we all understand each other. 

The next guests are on the doorstep. Shyly, she takes my hand and crawls away behind me. 

We take the guests to their rooms. She gives me her biggest smile ever and says, "this was my happiest weekend ever".

"Why" I ask her. 

"Because it's nice to make it beautiful".

So it is. It's nice to make it beautiful.

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Published 04-01-2024 / Copyright © Château de Clémency