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International Workday

International Workday

It is Thursday, February 29, just an extra day in this year.

Our Tailor's Trail is open 365 days a year, which means 366 days this year.

It is wonderful to experience how each season enchants the Mullerthal. Last winter, we welcomed guests from all corners of the world. 

And tonight there are actually no guests. Perhaps people have forgotten about this extra day. But for me it is a wonderful opportunity to enjoy the peace and relaxation in our sauna myself.

With the only challenge: which room do I want to sleep in? Will it be Mayke's Happy Hippie room, inspired by the 1970s? The Man's Cave, surrounded by 'naked' ladies, cool cars and the beautiful new antique staircase? Or do I dive into the family room and sleep in the cosy bunk bed? Perhaps the rustic hayloft, among the wood shavings?

The next morning I woke up in the bunk bed in our Tailor's Trail. I wanted that so much as a child. Magical. Sleeping with the window open feeling even closer to the stars. The sky was so clear, I could almost pick them out of the sky. And then the security of being safely up high. Besides the cosiness that a high sleeper gives. A feeling of crawling away in your own world. For a moment all alone in the world.

But hup, to work. We can dream again later. Although, we just dream on. On a beautiful winding road, I drive through a beautiful area via Germany to Vianden.  Because there the men are working on the roof of our new cottage. Like lost hole cheese, it is getting its beauty back. The old roof tiles are lovingly removed, polished and put back in a new place. A meagre sun shines a light on the roof and its makers, one from Luxembourg, the other from Portugal. What craftsmanship. I have lunch with our neighbour, a Portuguese native. His food is fantastic and did you know you eat the tastiest potato gratin ever here?

And further.... At the castle, I am expecting a Dutch family who want to get married here in September. Via Belgium, I drive back home. At the door is a beautiful little princess. She will be our guest for the next few days. She takes my hand and together we explore the castle. Her little brother screams happiness. His hands full of joy in the air.

A German couple will occupy our Sherlock for the next few days. Her present to her sweetheart, a man in a beautiful orange suit with a happy little dog on a leash. He makes a little dance in the hall. The castle takes on even more colour.

Not much later an ap from our French guests that they are so happy with our Tailors Trail. There are more than 10 of them, and thanks to the lovely cooperation with Auberge Rustique, there is room for everyone in Luxembourg.

And so life is boundless. We are all the same and the language of love is the happiness-maker. The star I see here, you see there. Shall we dream on together?

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Published 06-03-2024 / Copyright © Château de Clémency