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My job nicked

My job nicked

On a beautiful Saturday morning, I open the castle door to Ella, a lovely Belgian lady who stayed here as a guest a few months ago. Now she has rented out the whole castle for her and her friends. 

Our castle is not a hotel, but a guest house that you can make your 'home'. 

I normally give our guests a tour of the castle, but Ella has taken my job. Full of passion and enthusiasm, she shows 'her home' to her guests. I can hear her telling the stories we told her when she first visited us. I can only gloat with pride. 

When my friends visit here, I always check which room I think will suit them best (if they don't already have a preference themselves of course😉 ). Each room its own atmosphere. Sherlock's, Peggy's Belle Époque, Roaring '20 and the Tribute.

Ella has done the same. She flawlessly knows how to name who she has thought of in which room and why. I can hear her guests enjoying themselves. They don't even want to go for a walk in the afternoon anymore. They want to stay in their rooms and watch everything there is to see. 

It is another beautiful sunny November day. Ella gets her guests moving for a walk in the neighbourhood. 

The next morning, it smells of bacon and fried eggs. The table is already festively set. The champagne is opened. A toast is made to life, friendship and the castle. 

How nice that our fans, create new fans. I am a grateful and happy person. 

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Published 14-11-2022 / Copyright © Château de Clémency