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"In Luxembourg the sun always shines" Pascal promised me when he tried to convince me to move to Luxembourg. He is right. The sun is always there. But sometimes Pascal, admit it.... it is a bit far away. 

Here too, on this January day, the rain is pouring down, the wind is howling around the castle and fanning the flames in my stove. The candles are burning, a pot of tea with them. And yes, so it becomes a 'sunny day' after all.

In Tailors Trail this week is a tough lady who is not distracted by any weather and goes out every day to hike in the Mullerthal. "Which is beautiful even with rain" according to her.

But even with rain, there is plenty to do here. Like for me today. 

Because, after all, the weather is always nice. Today's weather is wonderful for going to the sauna. Luxembourg has many of those. But also many museums. Something for everyone. And even a couple of beautiful indoor shopping centres that impress me (mainly because they have lots of nice eateries, I think).

Or how about a beer tasting? Or have a sumptuous lunch somewhere? Get a massage? Wonderful weather for exploring Luxembourg. 

My resolution for this year: travel in your own country. Because that's what Luxembourg is now. 

Will you join me on a voyage of discovery?

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Published 16-03-2023 / Copyright © Château de Clémency