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Luxembourg with Dutch roots

Luxembourg with Dutch roots

Did you know that Luxembourg has Dutch roots? (i'm Dutch... proud of that;-))

A little history.....

Luxembourg was founded in 963 and after some wanderings in 1441, came into Dutch hands. In 1890, Luxembourg detaches from the Dutch crown. So far...;-)

Today a beautiful day to soak up history. On to Vianden. A picturesque village. Small streets, nice bars and eateries. Antiquity touches me. Every time again. Probably in a former life I was a princess, or a knight, or... who knows.....

And Vianden has a beautiful castle. Built from the 11th to the 14th century on the foundations of a Roman castle. In 1977 it was taken over by the state of Luxembourg and fully restored to its former glory. I feast my eyes, so much to discover about life back then.

After my tour, I settle down in Ancien Cinéma Cafe-Club. Cosy atmosphere, nice red wine and a fine Sunday afternoon jazz music. The kind of place that makes me very happy. 

Vianden is 17 km from our Tailors Trail in Beaufort.

What were you in a former life? Shall we make history together?

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Published 02-04-2023 / Copyright © Château de Clémency