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Shared spaces 🔥💫🍀

Shared spaces 🔥💫🍀

In 1635, a castle was erected in the rural village of Clémency, which should stand the test of time. But after a few years, this imposing structure was demolished. Only to have it resurrected in 1665, 20 metres away. This relocation gave the castle a new chapter in its rich history.

All that remained was the old original castle wall as a witness of times gone by. 
The wall has stood there for almost 400 years now, dilapidated, overgrown by plants, part of an old barn. 
Recently, it found a new purpose. Within the walls of this barn, a sumptuous living room was created, where heritage and modern comfort merge. But that was just the beginning of the enchantment. This secret living room was carefully hidden behind the old door, a refuge for intimate gatherings and reflective moments.

As the seasons come and go, the hidden garden reveals its wonderful secrets to those who take the time to explore it. The beech hedge, walnut tree, and grape vines surround a rustic watering hole, while you will find quiet nooks and romantic seats here and there. It is a haven of serenity, tucked away behind the castle walls.

And for those who prefer a more active escape, the former castle wall now also houses a modern gym. Here, old and new times meet, while the contours of the once mighty walls bear witness to physical exertion and striving for well-being.

Although this space is our private space, we cherish the idea of sharing the enchantment. Hospitality is key, and the castle with its 'Barn' , contemporary decorated rooms, lush garden, terraces and gym are open to other lucky souls who want to experience the magic. In this way, the castle is not only a reminder of times gone by, but also a living and breathing place where past and present coexist.

But note: no heating, electricity or running water. Fireplace and candlelight.

All our shared spaces. You share these spaces with possible other guests:

  • Kitchen (fully equipped) with bar and each room has its own fridge (stocked with soft drinks, wine and beer). You can of course also fill this with your own drinks and snacks. Feel at home.
  • Back kitchen with a dishwasher
  • Dining/meeting/library room/ wall of happiness
  • Hall and an old staircase with portrait gallery
  • 'Secret' living room with fireplace, candlelight and a record player with a large assortment of vinyls
  • Fitness
  • 'Welcome' terrace under the old trees in front of the castle
  • 'Hidden' terrace with a water feature with his wooden floor 
  • 'Secret' garden with various seats, hammocks and a bbq
  • Extra toilet
  • Free parking behind the castle
  • Bicycle storage

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Published 14-03-2022 / Copyright © Château de Clémency