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Let's Talk about... Our philosophy

Let's Talk about... Our philosophy

Our Philosophy

These days there are topics like functionality, footprints etc., which are definitely very important. We try to shift the focus and effort of our activity to beauty and authenticity. When you visit us, you will be surrounded by “real” materials, combined with a modern twist of what remains of the atmosphere of the serenity of the past. With this atypical approach, we would like to inspire you during an unforgettable stay. 

Let’s talk about…. Wabi Sabi

All our compositions/choices are inspired by the Wabi Sabi philosophy. This philosophy, originally from Japan, which seems to be quite atypical and opposed to the mainstream, reminds you that time goes by and that there will eventually be an end. This philosophy explains the fascination we have when we are in the presence of such deep beauty of Japanese objects like a tea bowl or others….

This concept celebrates the way natural and authentic materials get old over time and the required commitment to take care of them in a gentle and respectful manner. 

In our guesthouses you can find a lot of examples related to the Wabi Sabi philosophy: concrete floor, table made of massive wood, old restored wooden floors, traditional lime plaster etc…

Let’s talk about…. Old/new

The concept of the building’s restoration was driven by the research of the gentle balance between old/new, where a maximum of respect was given to preserve and take care of the old parts/objects of the building.

Regarding the new elements, you’ll find a composition of modern/contemporary look.

Let’s talk about… Ecological footprint 

The decision to restore and respect the old building by not destroying/rebuilding it, is itself a major milestone regarding our ecological footprint. The buildings were restored in a gentle and low energy cost way when it comes to the technical features. Moreover, it’s good to know that the buildings has no air-conditioning, which considerably reduces the energy consumption.

The extensive heat during the summer is reduced in a passive way, with the help of the thick walls, the small windows on the south side and the big openings on the garden’s side, shadowed by big trees. During the winter, the heating is implemented using a highly efficient modern system. Furthermore, the energy consumption is diminished thanks to the fact that we try to “keep the heat inside” at all times.

Let’s talk about… Bedding

Regarding the size of the beds, we deliberately chose the dimensions 200 x 140 cm, allowing our customers to enjoy a “classic bed experience”. This enables everyone to get nice and cosy. The beds are covered by a very generous duvet of size 240 x 220 cm, to make sure that there is enough “protection” for everyone. 

In addition, high quality mattrasses were selected for the beds. 

An interesting fact is that they are composed of 100% ecological cotton, made in France. The washing of the bedding and the cleaning is also done by using ecological products. 

The natural materials and the way everything gets cleaned, gives a fresh and healthy atmosphere.

Let's talk about... Water. Be aware…

There is a limited of hot water for taking a shower (between 10 and 15 minutes). This is not special done to reduce your ecological footprint and also not done by fact that the owner of the castle is an ex special forces (only showers cold…) but by the simple fact that the old walls and the spaces in the castle don’t gives more opportunities to produce more hot water. We are really sorry for this inconvenience and propose you 3 solutions:

1. If you are two take your shower together...;-)

2. Shower 10-15 minuts, relax, repeat….;-)

3. Shower like a special forces guy….;-)

Let's talk about... Airco 

The castle was build in 1634 in very thick and heavy walls. During the restoration we took the decision to heighten the insulation standard & not to put an AC to respect the authenticity of the building & the beauty of the composition…

Today the building is a comfortable place who stays quite fresh during summer time (because of the inertie of the big walls), but it’s for sure not as cold as an AC😉. 

Let’s talk about... Coffee 

Step back in time and indulge in the authentic experience of brewing coffee the old-school way at, Château de Clemency.

In a world where convenience often takes precedence, we celebrate the art of handcrafting coffee, ensuring that every cup is a celebration in itself. Our method not only yields the best-tasting coffee but also reflects our commitment to sustainability. 

By embracing the old-school way of making coffee, we honor the traditions and craftsmanship that have been passed down through generations. Each sip is a tribute to the rich heritage of coffee-making, transporting you to a time when simplicity and quality were paramount. 

It's time to savor the exceptional flavor, embrace sustainability, and create lasting memories, one perfect cup at a time. 

Let’s talk about... Shampoo

For the shampoo: you will not find a special shampoo in your room. For different reasons: 

We hate plastic 😱

We don’t know which shampoo will fit the Lady ;-) or the man

… so we take the decision to offer "the real thing": Savon de Marseille, totally natural & pure. It’s wonderful for the hair care _ trust an old Chap ;-)

& bottled in an elegant, old school glas dispenser.

Let's talk about... Old stairs, full of stories

The castle has a 400 year old staircase, when you're silent, you can hear the stories... We don't have an elevator. Struggling with stairs? Then our Peggy's Belle Époque room on the ground floor is the best choice. Do not hesitate to contact us, we are happy to advise.

May we invite you to share this beauty with you?

Mayke & Pascal

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Published 11-08-2022 / Copyright © Château de Clémency