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Food and drinks 🥐🥖🍾🍽️

Food and drinks 🥐🥖🍾🍽️

Our philosophy is that our château is your home. For that reason, Château de Clémency has a fully equipped kitchen to prepare your own breakfast and other meals. Coffee, tea and spices are provided. 

In addition, each room has its own fridge: 'the honesty bar'.

The honesty bar completes the offer with soft drinks, wine, beer and crisps. Guests can grab what they want from their own fridge and write it down on their registration card, truly on an honesty basis. The common areas are an attractive place for guests to congregate. 

Refreshments can also be taken to the sunny terrace, of course, to your room. 

If you want the fridge replenished, feel free to ask Mayke.

For other shopping, it is good to know that there is a bakery with a mini-supermarket 50 metres from the castle. They have a buffet of no less than 7 metres with various breads, croissants, sandwiches, cakes and tarts, various coffees and more. They are open Monday to Friday from 6am to 7pm. On Saturdays until 6pm. On Sundays, they are closed. 

Cactus supermarket in Bascharage is open 7 days a week. On Sundays until 1pm.

Luxembourg has a wide range of restaurants. From local to Michelin stars. Something for everyone. Want to know what you can find near the castle? Feel free to ask Mayke for the restaurant list. Booking in advance is recommended.

Around the castle are 5 restaurants within walking distance (<500 metres):

1x local, 1x Italian, 1x daily snack (order in advance) and 2x oriental

And there are two cafes in the village. Cafe Racer regularly has fun bands or jam sessions.

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Published 15-03-2022 / Copyright © Château de Clémency