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🥂 Castles wine cellar 🍷

🥂 Castles wine cellar 🍷

Our 1634 castle has a fine wine cellar. Preferably, we fill our wine cellar with gems we find along the way on our travels. A wine with a story.

Luxembourg also has its own wine culture. Naturally, you will find a selection of wines and cremants in our cellar.

Luxembourg is a true white wine country. The only blue grape found in Luxembourg vineyards is the pinot noir. This blue grape, which is also widely used for white Champagnes, is also used for sparkling wines in Luxembourg. The most widely planted white grape in Luxembourg is the müller-thurgau with 377 hectares, about 29% of the total. This is followed by auxerrois, riesling, pinot blanc (weißburgunder), pinot gris (grauburgunder), gewürztraminer and elbling, the true queen of Luxembourg wines. 

Almost all wines made in Luxembourg are white wines. A quarter of the wines are sparkling wines, the Luxembourg crémants. All wines made in Luxembourg come from white grapes from the Moselle river basin. This makes all Luxembourg wines Moselle wines. Moselle wine may be made in three countries. In Germany in particular, Mosel wine is a big deal because of the large quantity of wine made there. In France, where the Moselle rises, Mosel wines may also be made.

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