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Castles wine cellar

Castles wine cellar

Our castle anno 1634 has a small wine cellar. Here you will find beautiful French vintage wines and wines we selected on our journeys. And of course wine and crémant from our own country, Luxembourg.

Did you know that Luxembourg has its own wine region? Luxembourg is a real white wine country. The only blue grape variety found in Luxembourg's vineyards is the Pinot Noir. This blue grape, which is also widely used for white Champagnes, is also used in Luxembourg for sparkling wines. The most planted white grape in Luxembourg is the müller-thurgau with 377 hectares, about 29% of the total. Next are Auxerrois, Riesling, Pinot Blanc, Pinot Gris, Gewürztraminer and Elbling, the true queen of Luxembourg wines. The elbling grape is also called the rhäifrensch in Luxembourg, the old name!

Almost all wines made in Luxembourg are white wines. A quarter of the wines are sparkling wines, the Luxembourg crémants. All wines made in Luxembourg are made from white grapes from the basin of the Moselle River. Therefore, all Luxembourg wines are Moselle wines. Moselle wine can be produced in three countries. Especially in Germany, Moselle wine is a big name due to the large amount of wine produced there. In France, where the Moselle rises, Moselle wines may also be produced.

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